ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare (HEALTH)


Editorial Board


Insup Lee
University of Pennsylvania
United States
John A. Stankovic
University of Virginia
United States

wearables, in-situ systems, ADLs, dementia, obesity, cognitive assistance, affective computing, telemedicine

Advisory Board

Deborah Estrin
Cornell University
United States
William Kaiser
United States
Rosalind Picard
United States

Associate Editors

Subhasis Banerji
Synphne Pte Ltd.
Jakob E. Bardram
Technical University of Denmark
Ann Blandford
University College London
United Kingdom

Human-Computer Interaction, human factors, patient safety, healthcare, information interaction, emergency medical dispatch, healthcare at home, HIV-related (apps, resources, human reaction), HCI and health, medical devices
Paolo Bonato
Harvard University
United States
Emri Ertin
Ohio State University
United States
Julian Goldman
Harvard University
United States

Embedded Systems, Wearable Computers, Wireless Health, Body Sensor Networks, Bio-impedance sensors, Bio-optical sensors, Activity Recognition
Greg Hager
Johns Hopkins University
United States
Gunnar Hartvigsen
University of Tromsø
Teruo Higashino
Osaka University
Eric Horvitz
United States
Roozbeh Jafari
Texas A&M University
United States
Soon Ju Kang
Kyungpook National University (KNU)
Republic of Korea

wearable computing, IoT device, RTOS, embedded real-time system, indoor location-base system
Kyung-Sup Kwak
Inha University
Republic of Korea
John Lach
University of Virginia
United States
Yan Liu
University of Southern California
United States

Deep learning, precision medicine, time series, substance abuse, robot surgery, interpretable machine learning
Cecilia Mascolo
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Mobile Systems, Mobile Data Modeling, Mobile Sensing Systems, Chronic diseases, Audio sensing based Diagnostics, Dementia, Mental Health
Elizabeth Mynatt
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States
Miroslav Pajic
Duke University
United States

cyber-physical systems, real-time embedded systems, networked and embedded control systems, high-confidence medical devices and systems, cardiac medical devices, closed-loop medical device systems, deep brain stimulation, Attack-resilient sensor fusion
Carmen Poon
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Wearable Sensing, Sensor Fusion, Sensor Networks, Endoscopic Informatics, Smart Cancer Screening, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Vascular, Precision Medicine
Amir M. Rahmani
University of California, Irvine
United States

e-Health, Internet-of-Things, Wearable Computing, Fog/Edge Computing, Health Informatics, Health Big Data Analytics
Suchi Saria
Johns Hopkins University
United States
Alena Simalatsar
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland at Sion
Majorie Skubic
University of Missouri
United States
Donna Spruijt
University of Southern California
United States

Obesity, mobile health, Ecological Momentary Assessment, psychosocial correlates of health behavior, exercise, nutrition, Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions
Niki Trigoni
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Pei-Hsuan Tsai
Cheng Kung University
Gang Zhou
College of William and Mary
United States

wearables, body sensor networks, internet of things, behavioral health, motion analysis, parkin's disease, arthritis

Information Director

Meiyi Ma
University of Virginia
United States

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